About us

Saheli Texports Pvt.Ltd a работа в москве leading and professionally managed firm in the field of textiles. Trading jobitel com in Export medadvice was established in 1997 by Mr. Ramsingh L. Kukreja & Mr. работа Dharmendra L. Kukreja. The Group работа в москве has sound standing having achieved https://jobitel.com/ remarkable slotsup rtibg success in the world of garment Exports Fabrics & Digital Printing on Fabrics.
Our Strength in the last few years where we being able to achieve Phenomenal growth in Exports & Domestic Digital Printed fabric, particularly to the quality conscious Indian Exporters working with the European and American Markets. It is a http://www.fr.medadvice.net/ Great satisfaction and Pride for us, that the consistent International quality of Saheli Texports Pvt. Ltd Products find ready acceptance by leading Garment Exporters of India.

  • Five Decades Of Success

Established in the year 1952, Uttamchand Naniksingh and then later on manifested into a much popular and powerful process House by the Name of Kalgidhar Textile Mills having sophisticated and Hi-Tech Machinery with the production of monthly 25 lakh metres. Then in 1997 the present management took over as a sister concern of Kalgidhar Textile Mills with Trading in exports Fabrics. The Technology, the style, outlook just about every local job listings thing was revamped; there was an infusion of Motivation. An enduring commitment to Excellence. Since then, there has been no looking back.
Today, Saheli Texports Pvt. Ltd is the undisputed leader in Digital Printing with its products for Home textiles which includes Curtains, Kitchen linens, Tea Towels, Bed sheets, Quilts, Duvet Covers and also in Punjabi suits, Kurtis, Scarves, Bandanas and Pareos etc. A company that has kept a head by keeping pace with the latest in Technology, Techniques and Trends.

  • Why come to Saheli Texports Pvt.Ltd

Our Organization consisting of highly qualified and experienced professionals who are always on its feet to offer prompt services to our valued and worthy clients by offering the right products in right time, economically. Our clients expect new developments from Saheli Texports Pvt. ltd constantly and they have not been disappointed. Our long and valuable experience has made Saheli Texports Pvt. Ltd an expert technically in manufacturing of Digital Printed Fabrics like Cotton, Viscose, Staple, Satin, Lycra, Linen and all type of polyester based fabrics.

  • The World is our Market

In this highly competitive Digital Printing market Saheli Texports Pvt. Ltd has been doing substantial volume of business. This has been made possible due to the visionary thinking and dedicated approach of the management, backed up by an unfailing https://jobitel.com commitment to excellence at every level as well as ability to keep pace with the changing needs and technologies. This global slotsup rtibg approach to technology and quality is what ensure that you receive that is of International standards. Thus a living testimony to the fact that Saheli Texports Pvt. Ltd is at home, anywhere in the world.

  • Living up to the Commitment

At Saheli Texports Pvt.Ltd, every promise is backed up by continuous better performance. Our time conscious management always fulfill each and every commitment assigned to them in time. So when you are dealing with Saheli Texports Pvt. Ltd you need not worry about things like Quality, Delivery and Schedule etc.



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